The Haunting

by Burials

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We're delighted to finally release our second EP, The Haunting. We've put everything we have into this record, and hope it doesn't disappoint!

Tell your friends, share it online, help us get the word out. Your help is much appreciated. See you at a show!



released October 1, 2012

Written by
Dan Carter
George Lever
Liam Kavanagh
Rob Needham

Additional Performances and Writing
Jamie O'Rourke (Bass and backing vocals)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at
G1 Productions



all rights reserved


Burials UK

Burials are a 5-pronged musical juggernaut hailing from the south-west of England, combining elements of metal, hardcore and ambience to create a powerful, emotive sound.

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Track Name: The Haunting
I'm waiting in the dark
With my knuckles whitening
I sink beneath the crushing weight
I feel the fear consuming me

Just like it always has been
The cracking lips, the hungry tongue
It longs to feed on what I love

I can't escape it
So I submit to certain failure
To the death of hope and faith

These enemies
These roads that lead to no one
Hold me close and save me now

I need a reason to believe
The things that I was promised
That life was never getting worse
And that the suffering meant something

Wrap your hands round my heart
And help me weather this storm

I'm left to question
How did I fall so far, so fast?
Why do my blessings never last?

Why all these battles?
Why all these ghosts that haunt my sleep?
Will they never let me be?

Why must my reach find only failure?
When will rest envelope me?
It's not for want of will or passion
It must be something in me
That stresses all my nerves to breaking
And then wrestles me from sleep
Those old ghosts satiate their hunger
Will they never let me be?

This is the road that leads you back to no one
(To no one)
This is the road that leads you back to no one
(How did I fall so far? How did I fall so fast?)
This is the road that leads you back to no one

I need a reason to believe
That life was never getting worse
But I'm finding nothing
Track Name: Castigations
This entire life's a nightmare
And we'll never wake up
I'm sick of it all
Your begging for help
And the sound of your crying
When you bring it on yourselves
You should be fucking embarrassed
How am I to value you
When you're so cheaply bought?

Fake smiles and faint praise
Are all it takes to have your heart unlocked
God forbid that you fall out of favour
With the kings of the clique
Though I may be a wraith in the background
I'll make sure you bastards remember my name

This entire world's drawn out tragedy
But isn't this how it should be?
Isn't this how live should be?
All blood and teeth?
But you've taken it too far
Your expectations far exceed your worth
You sow your seeds in fallow fields
And question why in time you'll be harvesting dirt
You are all hollow imitations of copycat ideas

Nothing that you value means a fucking thing
You are the peddlers of snake oil
And tin foil tiaras
Shine your teeth til meaningless

I want to sleep with your death rattle lullaby
I want to give you a view from the ground
I want to watch your hollow world burn down
I want to drink in the ashes
And vomit you out
Track Name: Millstone
I'll be the burden 
That will outlast 
Let me be the weight that drags you down
I'll be the memory The nights that you don't sleep 
The ever lasting reason Why you fucking hate yourself 
You won't forget the things you've done 
when I remind you of every mistake that you've made
Did you think that we'd forget 
With these blades in our backs 
Your treachery will last forever 
So will your pain
I want to be the blackness In the corners of your mind 
The reason that you never feel safe 
This is nothing more than penance for your crimes 
And after how you made me feel 
You're still getting off light
You will suffer to the full extent that I can give
You will have no one left to prey upon 
You'll never rest 
Your skin will blister at the mention of my name 
You were a coward all your life 
And that will never change 
You were a traitor since the womb 
And you will take it to your grave
May your scars last for eternity 
That Hell might know your sins
You will remember this forever 
Track Name: Home
I swear I've seen every inch of this place
A thousand times
And I've paced every inch of these streets
With my head full of wishes
And my heart on my sleeve
I'm so little in these familiar eyes
I am a master of disguise
I am black and blue
But you're all colourblind
I am but different shades of grey
I can't say, if this place was swallowed by the sea
That I would feel a thing
There is nothing for me here
And it seems so strange
That once this was everything
And everything I needed
Was well within my reach
But all my dreams have been replaced
By the bitter ghosts of memory
I used to welcome these borders
Where I could barely drink in
All the beauty I saw
But the milestones have all been replaced
By a striking chalk outline the size of my soul
And all the grace here fades into the background
Dodging sight except for a glimpse
I used to long for the Summer's embrace here
Now my heart sinks like stones 
When I look to the West